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Upper Case Letters for names

Standard Mixed Colors (random fun bright colors will be chosen.. can choose more boy or girl colors or gender neutral colors- price per letter


LEARN and PLAY uppercase

Mixed or marbled. Price per letter


LEARN and PLAY uppercase

Packaged with mini coloring book


lower case in custom colors

custom colors


Number crayons as an add on

Add on to boxes


Initial Crayon and coloring book set

comes with Mini Coloring Book (3")

$5.00 for standard mixed colors

Rainbow Rock Crayons

Set of 10 rock crayons in reusable storage bag


Happy Birthday crayon stick

comes in fun bright mixed colors

$3.25 as an add on
$3.50 packaged individually

Heart top crayon stick

Available in marbled or mixed colors


Mini Crayons

Add On To Names or individually packaged

prices range between $1.00-2.00 each

Mini Donut Crayon Sets

Comes With Four Mini Donut Shaped Crayons in gift box


Large Crayon Shapes

Butterfly, star, ladybug - Packaged individually in cellophane


Rainbow Lego Set In Box

Includes Extra Large Figure And 6 Bricks, packaged in a box


ColorVenture on the go activity pouch

Comes with a variety of fun items

$20.00 includes name on pouch

Extra large Dinosaur

packaged individually in cellophane. Can be packaged in a set of four in gift box ($24.00)


Loot Bags In Bucket


Please contact us

Happy birthday gift box

includes Happy birthday crayon stick, initial crayon, mini coloring book


Loot Bags In Cups


Please contact us

Cellophane For Names



Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes With Vinyl Names on top


Custom Uppercase letter

Custom colors . Ex: Rainbow mixed, Rainbow marbled, brights, solids. - price per letter


LEARN and PLAY uppercase

Individually packaged


Lower Case Letters

standard colors - price per letter


Individual letters

Standard mixed colors-packaged in cellophane


Number crayons

Individually packaged


Animal crayon stick, mini coloring book and lolipop set

Comes packaged in cello. Includes rainbow swirl lolipop


Rainbow Crayon Sticks (flowers, bugs or animals)

Individually packaged


Dino crayon stick

Individually packaged in cellophane pack


Rainbow Crayon Sticks(flowers, bugs or animals)

Set of seven in a gift box


Bucket Of Mini Crayons

Choose between 5 and 10 crayons

prices vary, please contact

Bow shaped crayons

Individually wrapped


Mini Lego Gift Boxes

Comes With Two Lego Shaped Crayons


Large transportation crayons

packaged individually


Extra Large Crayon Shapes

Unicorn, Rainbow, Popsicle, Ice Cream, Mermaid Tail, Lego Figure. Individually packaged in cellophane


Loot Boxes


Please contact us

Loot Bags In Cello


Please contact us

Loot bag in reusable custom cotton bag


Please contact us

Customized Gift Boxes


Please contact us

Boxes With Clear Lids

Wrapped with ribbon ready to be gifted


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